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Chuck Finally Gets a Second Chance

For years, Chuck helped save other dogs. Now, he’s the one that’s been saved.

We first met Chuck a few years ago at a local vet’s office. His owner had brought him in for euthanasia in 2013 because of his reactivity to cats but the vet didn’t want to do it because Chuck was so young and healthy. Instead, the vet offered to save Chuck’s life and the lives of others by keeping him at the clinic as a resident blood donor. Luckily, the owner agreed.

Over the next several years, Chuck saved the lives of countless sick and injured dogs that came through the clinic and he was well cared for during his time there. The staff loved on him, took him out for walks and sometimes even took him home for the night.

Earlier this year, the vet retired and asked us to help find Chuck a furever home. Thanks to you, our generous supporters, we were able take him in and start searching. While Chuck waited for his second chance, he continued to help other dogs by playing with them! Chuck’s calm energy and gentle play style put fearful dogs at ease and helped them become more adoptable.

Last September, five years after he was brought into the vet’s office for euthanasia, Chuck finally found his furever home. It happened out of the blue when a couple of return adopters showed up at the shelter looking for a mellow playmate for their dog. We had a few dogs in mind but Chuck was the first and only introduction needed. He instantly hit it off with the whole pack and went home with them that day.

It took a few weeks for Chuck to adjust to his new life as a spoiled housedog but he’s learning quickly and loving every minute of it. He loves playing with his new doggie sister and riding around in the truck with his dad but Chuck’s favorite part about his new life may be spooning in bed with his mom.

We are over the moon for Chuck and furever grateful to his family for giving him a second chance.

Pet of the Month

Biggie is the perfect little lap dog. He loves to be picked up, held, and carried around. He even likes to sit in your lap while your driving! Biggie also loves treats and he will sit up on back legs and beg for them every time. How can you say no that cute little face?! Biggie is about 7 pounds and around 7-years-old. He does well with other small dogs, cats, and children that are mature enough to treat him with kindness and respect.

Help Shelter Dogs Find Furever Homes

Adoptions are the most rewarding part of dog rescue. But it takes a lot of work to make them happen and Corning’s shelter dogs could use a few more dedicated dog lovers to help them find their furever homes. Volunteers are needed to spend quality time with the dogs; to take pictures and video of them; and to write compelling descriptions about them for our website and Facebook page.


To get started, please visit the shelter at 4312 Rawson Rd, Tuesday-Friday 3-5pm, Saturday 10am-2pm, or submit a volunteer application online by clicking the button below.

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